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Im a car guy and I thought a pretty good negotiator. Now I say, why waste the energy. I got what I want and its factory certified and at least 3 thousand dollars less than the dealer. Howard Huews. Orlando FL
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Buy with My Auction Access and save thousands! We consistently deliver sought-after, “extra value,” used vehicles in today’s evolving auto market.

How do we do it? We work hard to understand what types of vehicles are selling and we monitor the auctions and dealer inventories daily. We are immersed in the auto auction world and understand the fine pricing variances that influence true value. We do our research before each auction, helping our clients target vehicles on pre-sale lists and follow that up with physical inspections. As a result, we’re armed with all the insight to make a qualified purchase decision within a three to five minute window. Benefit from our experience and save money on your next vehicle purchase!
You only pay My Auction Access if we are successful in
delivering your vehicle on time
and at your price!
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